Identity Habits

I have been meaning to read more. Every time, I fail miserably. I understand that my default action is to watch mindless YouTube videos. But, even if I’m aware of my pattern, it is a bit hard to break it.

A few days back, I watched a YouTube video on habit formation from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, where the author was talking about Identity Habits. It means that when one takes an identity of a reader, then it is easier to implement the habits required to establish that identity.

James Clear recommends creating that identity first. Then, prove to yourself with small wins. For example, when I take the identity as a reader, I can schedule a time to read at least 25 pages a day.

As we near the end of the year, I want to schedule a time to read 25 pages a day for December. And, the best time for me is to read after writing one page in my journal.

November 30, 2021 journal habits

The Musk 003 - Storm Arwen

Welcome to The Musk Newsletter - Issue 003.

Here I reflect upon the previous week and possibly share an article I read, a podcast I listened to, a video I watched, a photo I shot along with my thoughts and commentaries.

Let us start with the third issue.

Week 47 (22/11/2021 - 28/11/2021)

The week brought some good and bad news from the family. My sister was diagnosed with Dengue fever. She was tested straight away and it was at its initial stages so basic treatment was offered. She is now recovering steadily and gives me peace of mind. This is the kind of situation I feared the most after my father’s passing. I’m slowly learning to take the responsibilities of looking after a family but I do not know if I’m doing it correctly or not.

Apart from that, I went to Liverpool for a two-day work event. It was really good. A key takeaway from the event was leadership does not always happen at the top of the organisation. Top management may have authority over the strategy of a business. But, leadership is personal because leaders always start with a why?.

This Week I Learned

If you got a delivery from Amazon over the weekend and you are going to be out and about. Schedule the delivery during the weekdays or get it delivered to your nearest Amazon Locker. This way you can collect it at home or pick it up from the Locker at your convenience.

Favourites of the Week

To Listen: I just love this composition from Yuvan. His music touches your soul. Listen with your headphones to feel the music.

To Read: On slow blogging. I like that idea. I believe it is better to write daily but publish at least once a day to get into the practice of shipping your ideas.

To Watch: I remember watching Amin’s guitar video a few years back and was just in awe of this strumming skill. Watch it and enjoy the music.

Photo of the Week

Fallen tree in our backyard. Thankful no one was hurt. Storm Arwen has caused a lot of damage across the UK. Stay safe and stay home.

Quote of the Week

Good leaders provide enough management oversight to give a clear and coherent idea of vision and purpose, but not to the extent that they micromanage. They ensure employees have the information they need to make good decisions, and then step back to let the good decisions happen.

From Personal Kanban: Mapping Work & Navigating Life by Tonianne DeMaria Barry and Jim Benson

One More Thing

I have been toiling with the idea of cancelling my subscription. I have subscribed to and the thought of maintaining two blogging platforms was tedious. However, I have decided to retain my subscription. This will be my main blog where I shall slowly build a personal knowledge journal of my thoughts, commentaries and reflections. will be my backup where I will be consolidating all of my posts irrespective of content. will be like a digital garden. I envisage it to be some sort of an online commonplace notebook. Hope you will check them out.

Thanks very much for reading The Musk Newsletter - Issue 003.

November 29, 2021 musk

Rocketbook for Capturing Ideas

I have published my third weekly newsletter today. I feel it is good to reflect upon the week and jot down my thoughts. I’m not sure how everything is going to pan out in the future. But, it does give me an outlet to express myself.

Speaking of expressing myself, I have been blogging on and off for quite some time now. The urge to start writing again started after my father’s passing. He always encouraged me to write. Now he is not here with us but I want to honour my father with my writings. I strongly believe any good that happens from this endeavour will definitely make my father proud in the hereafter.

I purchased a Rocketbook to capture my thoughts and ideas that I may take action in the future. I’m really excited to use this notebook. The scanning feature works really well. My initial impression is that this is awesome. I shall wait for a few weeks before sharing my thoughts about it.

November 29, 2021 journal ideas

Story Worthy

I’m starting a new series of blog posts. In these posts I will be reflecting upon my day and try to pick out a few story-worthy moments, I want to reflect upon and remember. The inspiration for this series comes from Matthew Dicks’s Storyworthy book. Matt recommends an exercise called Homework of Life where he spends five minutes reflecting upon the day and picking out a story-worthy moment that he would cherish and share with an audience. I liked that idea. And, having a semi-anonymous blog gives me an opportunity to share a public journal that will soon be filled with grateful moments.

Today I have taken it upon myself to fully implement the GTD system over the course of the next few weeks. By the end of this year 2021, I want to have a solid GTD system in place.

Storm Arwen has caused a lot of damage across the UK. We went for a walk at Woolston Park and encountered fallen trees. Hope people stay safe.

I tried the Stair Stepper machine at the gym. I could only manage 5 minutes on it. I kind of like it. I’m going to incorporate it into my workout routine. I guess, just 5 minutes will do for a start.

November 28, 2021 journal storyworthy

The Musk 002 - Featured on a Podcast

Welcome to The Musk Newsletter - Issue 002.

Here I reflect upon the previous week and possibly share an article I read, a podcast I listened to, a video I watched, a photo I shot along with my thoughts and commentaries.

Let’s rock and roll!

Week 46 (15/11/2021 - 21/11/2021)

I started this newsletter after mulling over the idea for a couple of weeks. It felt really good to start something that I look forward to.

I’m still unclear how I want to take this newsletter” thing in terms of format and structure. But, I had an innate feeling of just doing it without any expectations. This strategy has always worked out for me.

When I graduated from University just before the 2008 recession, I struggled really hard to find a job in the Engineering sector. I might have applied for more than 300 jobs! Rejections took a toll on my mental health. But, I always knew that there will be something out there for me. I was headhunted for a job that I loved to bits. I guess this newsletter will lead to something better in the future. As of now, I know that it nourishes my soul.

Favourites of the Week

To Listen: If you are looking to binge on a truly brilliant True Crime podcast, give Swindled podcast a go and thank me later.

To Read: I’m a big fan of Matthew Dicks’s blog. In his blog post on Burger Stupidity, he explains how 1/4 is not greater than 1/3. And, let’s be honest here! Fractions are hit or miss with most people. Me included.

To Watch: I really enjoyed watching Noah Kagan explaining the Law of 100. The gist is to stick with whatever you want to do for 100 attempts. Inspired by this approach, I want to try out publishing this newsletter for 100 issues which equate to 100 weeks or close to two years. I guess anything could happen for a target of 100 issues. Hope you will follow the journey.

Photo of the Week

I had pancakes for breakfast. It was delicious!

Quote of the Week

When you consciously track all your commitments, that same integrity will force you to discriminate and say no, because you’ll be more aware of your capabilities.

From Ready For Anything: 52 productivity principles for work and life by David Allen.

One More Thing

I got mentioned on a podcast!

Fellow microbloggers, Jean & James were kind enough to read my blog post and talk about in theirWeekly Review Podcast. The duo starts to discuss my blog post from 10:33 onward. Hope you like it.

Thanks very much for reading The Musk Newsletter - Issue 002.

November 24, 2021 musk

I Got Mentioned On A Podcast

As a regular listener to Jean & James’s Weekly Review podcast, I was elated when I heard the duo discussing a blog post I have written as the Ultimate Productivity Lesson. It really made my day! Thank you very much!

On the latest @theweeklyreview, You Can’t Take It With You, @jamesdempsey and I were inspired by a post by @ridwan to talk about The Final Checkmark on everyone’s to-do list…

PS: Watch out for the Intro hook! It’s so catchy!

November 19, 2021 journal podcast